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We Offer A Wide Variety Of Training Options

Our Certified Personal Trainers are committed to helping you take the guesswork out of your fitness routine. We start the process with our Fitness Assessment to create a baseline of your current wellness level. We meet you at your needs and work with you to develop a complete wellness solution that allows you to achieve attainable goals. Your gym and wellness experience doesn’t have to be confined by your city. RIPP CITY Fitness Trainers are available online or in-person to help you crush your goals.


Our Trainers are like having a fitness GPS to help you reach your destination in the most efficient and safe way.

  • Get a prescribed exercise and nutrition solution specifically designed for you.
  • Streamline the process and shorten the time to achieve your results.
  • We provide support, motivation, and accountability when you need it.
  • Learn how to workout the correct way for your body and fitness level. 
  • Set measurable goals based on expertise and years of knowledge.
  • You will always achieve more with a professional coach at your side.
  • Track your activities, nutrition, results with the RIPP CITY Fitness mobile app.
  • Everything you learn is yours for life. 

Personal Training

Work with a Certified Personal Trainer in-person or online to change your lifestyle habits and achieve your wellness goals. Your Trainer will develop your plan, help you set goals, and be there to support you along the way. We have a scheduled Results Check-in to measure your accomplishment during your most recent Phase of training.

Group Personal Training

Workout in a small group to keep it social, in-person or online. Get the education, guidance, and support from your Trainer along with your workout buddies. This includes your individual, confidential Fitness Assessment and Results Check-in.

Group Fitness

The power of the group atmosphere is contagious and energetic. Our group fitness classes range from HIIT workouts, core, resistance training, mobility, traditional cardio and more. Be a part of your live classes, online with professional Trainers who will keep you moving. Find the best unlimited class option. Invite a few friends to join you.

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